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Hey, let me clarify, to make sure I don't accept your kindness on false pretenses:
  1. My wife and I don't have a cat. We have a dog named Nicky. Those were Internet cat pictures.
  2. I really did quit my job to work on AdBlock full time, and we really do need your support.
  3. AdBlock itself only supported "CatBlock mode" around April Fools Day.
  4. If you pay monthly, I will send you a standalone version of CatBlock, which works as long as you pay.

Thanks for helping
us feed Nicky :)
- Katie and Michael
You rock! Thank
you for rocking! :)
- Katie and Michael
To support AdBlock development, I'm making CatBlock available as a subscription. You choose the amount to pay monthly and I'll send you CatBlock!

I'd love $10/month, and $20/month gets you the marshmallow/bear/unicorn trifecta (see the slider below), but choose anything from $5/month and up.

Thanks for supporting my work. Your generosity keeps AdBlock going.

Frequency: Monthly
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How I'll thank you: I'll send you a subscription to CatBlock... and a thank-you note ... and a haiku ... about whatever you want ... and Katie's chalk drawing of a cat ... and Katie's watercolor of an octopus lasering ads with its eye lasers ... and Katie's drawing of a unicorn feeding marshmallows to a bear ... and an autographed drawing of whatever you want ... and two, count 'em, two limericks about whatever you want ... and I'll give you an email account ... and I'll write a song about you and how awesome you are and will send you the recording. It will have multiple harmonies and everything .